How to insert/update more than 4000 characters in an Oracle table (because life cannot be too easy!)

I have never believed in those stories about non-intuitive Oracle databases. What can be so wrong with Oracle? It exists for quite a long time, big companies still use it… It’s just another database engine, right? Yeah, that was my way of thinking till I needed to update a row with a string longer than 4000 characters.

Because you know, you cannot just update this f*ing field in the database with an ordinal update statement. No! Plain update statements are for losers, we are Oracle users, ORACLE USERS! Yeah, read it once again, OOOOOOORACLE UUUUUSERS. That’s right, now just be kind and type the following statement that will make Oracle to show a small pop-up window where you put your long string (ugh, longer than 4000 characters – you are really disgusting to store such a long strings in your database, you know? Naughty programmer! Shame on you!). Continue Reading