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How to get data of all the Polish companies (ReMaster, are you alive?)

Last week I didn’t do much coding. In fact, all I did was playing a little with ReSharper and adding some ‘flesh’ to my app’s skeleton. ReMaster is able to connect to a database now and log errors when they occur. It also has some interfaces that may be useful later (when I start coding the model).

Not a big thing but I wanted to rethink the project structure a few times (basically because I rarely have an opportunity to code a web app from a scratch so it was loads of fun!). And yes, I know there is at least one open source project that provides a starting point for ASP.Net Core MVC. But because it’s my pet project I can do with it whatever I want and if I decide to starve it to death, I will starve it to death, got it?! 😉

But coming back to my app’s topic, you may think about…

How to get all the Polish companies’ data?

All Polish companies are present in a system called CEIDG (in English: Central Registration and Information on Business). It provides a simple API – so far so good. Continue Reading

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ReSharper – all you need is… some shortcuts! – part 1

ReSharper is a great Visual Studio extension but without the knowledge about its keyboard shortcuts and other tricks, it’s completely useless. That’s why (and because of the fact, every ‘Get Noticed!’ participant has a free version of this software – more info here), I decided to write about the most popular features. Of course, it’s not a full list, but you may find some of the below helpful.

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Hello World… I mean… Hello Blog!

It is my first post so it is definitely not worth reading so please carry on scrolling up ;).

But if you are bored enough to stay on this page, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Karina Wilk and I’m a programmer (huh, I said it!). I coded my first application at the age that multiplied by 2 gives my current age minus one and realizing that makes me a little sad. By the way, this app was a console application in Pascal that draw the solving of quadratic inequations on the graph. I’m almost sure that it consisted of one source file and had at most half of the indentations needed (at this stage of life my IT teacher tended to give me lower marks because of bad indentations so I think it really was a problem… Thank God Visual Studio makes most of the work here now!). Continue Reading