How to change language in Visual Studio 2019 (after installation)

I installed Visual Studio 2019 RC recently and accidantely forgot to select English as default language. Of course, I realized that mistake after installation and I had to spend way too much time on finding the solution for this problem (yeah, that’s weird, I know). So, I decided to write a short tutorial how to do it. I’m 100% sure, the future me will thank myself for this :D.

The easy way

If you have many languages installed, you simply go to the

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> International Settings

(in Polish: Narzędzia -> Opcje -> Środowisko -> Ustawienia międzynarodowe),

select English and save changes. As you can see in the picture below, I wasn’t the lucky one here ?.

The standard way

If you are still here, you probably need to install English pack. To do so, run the Visual Studio installer (the same one you used to install this version of VS ? ).
On the tab Installed, click button Modify next to the version of Visual Studio you need the English language pack for:

In the next window, select Language packs tab, tick the English language and then accept changes by clicking Modify button (right bottom corner).

After installing English language, repeat the “The easy way” step.

And restart Visual Studio.

Thank you Karina. You are welcome Karina.


Featured photo by Erfan Amiri on Unsplash



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