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What’s up, ReMaster?

A few days ago the Polish companies data provider published a new version of its API. I found out about it accidentally and decided to spend a moment to upgrade API used in ReMaster. Hopefully, from my perspective, it doesn’t change anything crucial so I will not have to change any logic concerning companies import (and that’s a real blessing considering the fact that testing imports lasts ages and I hate waiting for a result).

Anyway I was quite surprised because a test version of the API returned only error saying something about ‘wrong key‘ (I suppose it means there is something wrong with my access key… That’s strange anyway, because the key works smoothly in the production API…). But that’s fine, my imports are fired only from time to time (for now – manually, but soon there will be a job scheduler to take care of it – probably the HangFire) so I think using non-test API will be OK too.

What else?

Well, I changed the way I get data from the API. Now I query for the data of the companies that were changed from the previous import. Thanks to that I have significantly less data to download and process. I can’t believe I didn’t get that idea earlier but like I said it a few weeks ago – programming at nights sucks ;).

What now?

Well, I feel like doing something visible from the user’s point of view so I think I’ll create a few .cshtml files ;). But I think ReMaster will have to wait for its stunning makeup and coiffure because, like I said before, I want to implement the HangFire soon.

And ElasticSearch! I spent some time on the latest topic lately and it seems to be quite a powerful product so maybe I will even write a few posts about this search engine… Especially since there is too little tutorials on the latest ElasticSearch version and there is 5 billions (or so 😉 ) differences between the first and the latest version ;). So stay tuned and wish me luck in finding more time for programming ;).

Featured image by Viktor Hanacek.

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