DSP2017, DSP2017 Project

I survived! The ‘GetNoticed’ competition is over!

This is the 20th and the last post in the GetNoticed! competition. So it means that… I DID IT! I survived till the very end, I managed to create 20 posts in 10 weeks. ReMaster is still alive (it could be fed better but let’s leave this subject :P). It’s time to celebrate, I mean, have some sleep ?.

What I’m proud of?

I have a blog! One year ago I was sure that my programming life is boring and even the problems I encounter while coding are too boring to write about them. And I believed that there is everything already written so what’s the point in writing the 100th ASP.Net tutorial?
Now I don’t know which subject from my long TODO list should I choose first!
I also fear less about pushing my code to github PR. I know that my style of coding is far from perfection ? and my code tends to be messy ? so that’s a huge step! I think I can even say that breaking this barrier in my head is the greatest outcome of the competition!

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DSP2017, DSP2017 Project

What’s up, ReMaster?

A few days ago the Polish companies data provider published a new version of its API. I found out about it accidentally and decided to spend a moment to upgrade API used in ReMaster. Hopefully, from my perspective, it doesn’t change anything crucial so I will not have to change any logic concerning companies import (and that’s a real blessing considering the fact that testing imports lasts ages and I hate waiting for a result). Continue Reading