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ReSharper – all you need is… some shortcuts! – part 1

ReSharper is a great Visual Studio extension but without the knowledge about its keyboard shortcuts and other tricks, it’s completely useless. That’s why (and because of the fact, every ‘Get Noticed!’ participant has a free version of this software – more info here), I decided to write about the most popular features. Of course, it’s not a full list, but you may find some of the below helpful.

Some navigation-like tricks

Some of the below are present both in Visual Studio and ReSharper.

  • Ctrl + click – acts as “Go to definition”.
  • Shift + F12 – acts as ‘Find all references’
  • Ctrl + F12 – acts as ‘Go to implementation’
  • Alt + ~ – open quite useful menu ‘Navigate to’:

  • Ctrl + T – lovely search window (search performed while you are typing <3)

  • Shift + Alt + L – scrolls the solution tree to the file you just opened.


Some IntelliSense-like stuff:

  • Just type upper letters in CamelCase notification (ex. Type ‘inc’ for INotifyCompletion) and a complementum windows will appear. Like below:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Space – completes the code in some smart manner – ex. when you’re typing a condition, it will show you only bool properties of an object. Much smarter than the traditional Ctrl + Space:

  • Shift + Alt + Space – show types list that matches the written letters. Again, suits me better that just Ctrl + Space:


Some other magic – moving text without using mouse

  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up/Down arrow – selects the text (the whole expression, till the ‘;’ sign) where caret is and moves it up or down.

Subject will be continued in the next (one or two) posts so if you want to read about refactoring, code generating and so on, you should feel invited! 🙂

Image by IB Wira Dyatmika.

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