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Hello World… I mean… Hello Blog!

It is my first post so it is definitely not worth reading so please carry on scrolling up ;).

But if you are bored enough to stay on this page, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Karina Wilk and I’m a programmer (huh, I said it!). I coded my first application at the age that multiplied by 2 gives my current age minus one and realizing that makes me a little sad. By the way, this app was a console application in Pascal that draw the solving of quadratic inequations on the graph. I’m almost sure that it consisted of one source file and had at most half of the indentations needed (at this stage of life my IT teacher tended to give me lower marks because of bad indentations so I think it really was a problem… Thank God Visual Studio makes most of the work here now!).

As I was getting older, I was walking on rather standard path through Delphi, C, C++, Java and finally C#.

I was rather loyal to .Net family, coding mainly web applications (from old school Web Forms to ASP.Net MVC) and Windows Forms apps but also some apps on Windows CE (for strange devices like data collectors or some old GPS with .Net 1). Meanwhile I have a very promising romance with Windows Phone, hoping Microsoft will be by our side but when they decided there will be no update to Windows 10 on Lumia 920 I took an offence and started looking around for another love.

.Net Core appeared encouraging me to spend some promising evenings together but then my life had a fascinating twist and I almost stopped coding for about a year (application for my own use doesn’t count).

So here I am, a programmer after a break, always sleepy and always having no time. For anything. At all. Really.

So it’s definitely the best possible moment to start a technical blog!

And the end of this post I was planning to say ‘sorry’ for my poor English but…

…never mind ;).

I hope to see you again in a few days!

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